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I Introduction

A brief introduction to the way this wiki/campaign guide is set up and is intended to be read and used.

II Short Story (Temp Title)

A short story, set in world. It will feature a guardswoman named Laura, and her dog Luffah.

III A Brief History of the World

In this section we get an overview of the history of Daenar, starting with speculation on the world as it was before the Cult War, moving into the Cult War itself, followed by the turbulent time known as the Recovery, before briefly touching upon the modern era.

IV The Nations of Today

Here we go over the nine nations of Daenar and their cultures, as well as regions known as the Jungle and the Beast Eye Forest.

V The Peoples of Daenar

In this section we go over the unique biological and sociological aspects of the various sentient species of this world. This section covers both the Civil People and the Feral Folk.

VI Organizations, Both National and Independent

Discussed here are the various national and international organizations that can be found across Daenar. This list includes universities, the Red Knights, and the Cults.

VII Physical Features of the World

Daenar is home to a number of features of a magical nature, collectively known as Anomalies. This section discusses what is known about them.

VIII Off the Edge of the Map

With memories of the Recovery only just beginning to fade, we are now turning our sights off Daenar and to the rest of the world. We don’t know much, but what little we do know is included here.

IX On the Nature of Magic

The study of magic is still in the early stages of its rebirth, and in this section we will discuss the three universally schools of magic as well as the controversial idea of ‘divine magic.’

X Behind the GM’s Screen


XI Adapting a System


Fantasy AGE Homebrew Rules

Homebrew rules for our Fantasy AGE Game.

Daenarian Calendar

Because the Julian Calendar sucks, and the Forgotten Realms got it right.

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