A Godless World

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 8

The Bitter Taste of Defeat

15 Winds, 167 AR, Late Afternoon

After Adira Shadow explains the symbols she saw on the unknown woman‘s armor, Auric reveals that he’s actually seen this symbol in the past. Three days ago, while the four of them were in Kogan’s office speaking with him about the task he was assigning to them, he experienced a vision of that exact symbol.

No one is entirely sure what to make of this, but the fact that Auric has seen the symbol before suddenly gives it more weight, at least in the minds of some of the party members. But Viktor and Sabetha also have something they want to follow up on, the Arcalander thief they’d captured claimed that if he wanted to reconnect with his guild, he’d hang out around the ruins outside Naramunz.

As the group discusses whether to follow up on the woman and the arcalander she was meeting with, or if they should visit the ruins in the hopes of finding the new thieves guild, a some what familiar voice echos throughout the tavern where they rested.

The Shifter archer who had gifted her bow to Adira, had arrived in town a day or so before the group and has been looking for Shadow in the hopes of thanking her properly. She comes to speak with the group, though mainly Adira Shadow, and during the conversation she becomes curious about the shift-ling, who has kept her hood covering her face. After a few more flustered comments, the woman begins to speak in a language that almost no one in the party have ever heard spoken before. Adira then replies in the same language. They converse for a few moments before she provide the group with a small sack of silver, to pay for their drinks on her, and then departs to catch up to her tribe.

With this interruption at an end, the group goes back to discussing what to do next. They have a meeting scheduled with Cass for tomorrow evening, but until then they have nothing on the table.

After some talk the group decides to scope out the meeting between the Arcalander and the symbol woman. After slipping past a trio of guards on the look out, the group finds a spot to listen in on the end of the meeting between the woman and the arcalander. Their discussion confirms some of what Viktor had been told, namely that the conspiracy that had attempted to experiment upon him had been broken up after his escape became public, but the generals were still in power and the conspiracy was now mostly untethered from the Arcalander military.

The symbol woman and the arcalander come to an agreement that they will share their various research with each other for mutual benefit, after the woman reveals something upon her back that proves to the Arcalander that she knows what she’s talking about and stuns him into silence.

With the meeting breaking up, the group decides to attack the Arcalander. However to do so before he gets to a populated area, they attack him not far from his meeting place. This, unfortunetely means he’s able to call to the woman and her servants for support.

The fight is a tough one, and while the group was able to slay one of the bandits, they find themselves out matched. The Arcalander and the symbol woman reveal themselves to be skilled mages, and the woman seems to have access to healing magic as well.

Deciding they are out matched, Viktor takes up the symbol woman’s offer of retreat, but not before she tells them to deliever a message to Kogan for her. That Victoria is back, and that she knows of the pain in his side.

Finding defeat to be too bitter a pill to swallow, Viktor decides to abandon town entirely, with Sabetha agreeing that there is nothing left for her here. Auric and Adira Shadow both wish to speak with Kogan about the afternoon’s events, so the party agrees to meet up at Auric’s cabin in a day or two.



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