The Beast Eye Forest

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The Beast Eye Forest is both an Anomaly, and a nation into its own right.

Divided down the middle by a lake and a river, the Beast Eye Forest is really two forests that are pressed up against each other in the north, the lake in the center, and the river in the south.

Few are welcome in the Beast Eye Forest, at least much past the edges. And those few who are welcome are Shifters, Tieflings, and a handful of very specific merchants in Naramunz. While a few independent types do inhabit the edges of the forest, even they know not to venture too far in lest they run afoul of the Forest’s full time residents.

The Beast Eye Forest is your standard deciduous forest on the eastern side, if an extremely dense example. Here, numerous tribes of Shifters live in groups that vary from permanent villages to nomadic groups and everything in between. While they don’t have much in the way of cities, they do occupy a large ruin complex called the Den, but only on special occasions. The Den is used for a wide variety of special ceremonies, some of which are individual to each tribe, others are held with all tribes in attendance.

The western half of the Beast Eye Forest is made of a thick jungle. The weather here is significantly more humid than the eastern side, and houses a completely different ecosystem. This half of the forest is primarily home to small towns of Tieflings. In addition the Tieflings have a large city on the shore of the Beast Eye Lake, Al’Assakk.

The Beast Eye Forest

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