IX On the Nature of Magic

1 Pure Arcane Study and Practice

In this chapter we will discuss the basic functions and forms of Arcane Magic as they currently exist in Daenar. Here we will touch briefly on the limits and common uses, as well as some of the common theories of Arcane Magic’s basic nature. Discussion of the organizations that study the various forms of magic can be found in Chapter 6.

2 Arcamechanical Technologies

Here the most recent form of Arcane study and practice, Arcamechanical Engineering, is discussed. We will discuss the origins of this practice, as well as some theories as for why this form of imbuing objects with magical energy works when the vast majority do not.

3 Alchemical Science

The Arcane practice of Alchemy is nearly as old as the pure practice of Arcane Magic. This chapter will discuss the basic theories of Alchemy.

4 Divine Magic – Is It A Hoax?

Disclaimer: The existence of this chapter should not be taken as an endorsement of the existence of so called ‘Divine Magic’. However, no overview of magic would be complete without discussing why the existence of this type of magic is not taken seriously.

The Frontier of Magic

Traveling vast distances, healing wounds, viewing remote locations, and even returning the dead to the realm of living. So much was lost after the Cult War, and the arcane scholars of Daenar are working hard to recover them. Here we discuss what the future holds for Magic.

IX On the Nature of Magic

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