III A Brief History of the World

A Brief History of the World

1 Speculation on the pre-Cult War World

Little is known about what the world was like before the Cult War erupted, but we do have some information. This section contains an overview of that information as well as the most common theories about the world.

2 The Cult War

Here we go over the facts and theories about the multi-decade long war that resulted in the loss of so much life, culture, and knowledge.

3 The Recovery

A fading memory in the mind of the eldest generation, the effects of the Recovery can still be seen and felt across Daenar. Here we explore what we know of this turbulent time.

4 The Modern World

The Modern Era, as defined by scholars, has only existed for the last 50 years or so. The history of those 50 years is detailed here.

III A Brief History of the World

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