A Godless World

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 8
The Bitter Taste of Defeat

15 Winds, 167 AR, Late Afternoon

After Adira Shadow explains the symbols she saw on the unknown woman‘s armor, Auric reveals that he’s actually seen this symbol in the past. Three days ago, while the four of them were in Kogan’s office speaking with him about the task he was assigning to them, he experienced a vision of that exact symbol.

No one is entirely sure what to make of this, but the fact that Auric has seen the symbol before suddenly gives it more weight, at least in the minds of some of the party members. But Viktor and Sabetha also have something they want to follow up on, the Arcalander thief they’d captured claimed that if he wanted to reconnect with his guild, he’d hang out around the ruins outside Naramunz.

As the group discusses whether to follow up on the woman and the arcalander she was meeting with, or if they should visit the ruins in the hopes of finding the new thieves guild, a some what familiar voice echos throughout the tavern where they rested.

The Shifter archer who had gifted her bow to Adira, had arrived in town a day or so before the group and has been looking for Shadow in the hopes of thanking her properly. She comes to speak with the group, though mainly Adira Shadow, and during the conversation she becomes curious about the shift-ling, who has kept her hood covering her face. After a few more flustered comments, the woman begins to speak in a language that almost no one in the party have ever heard spoken before. Adira then replies in the same language. They converse for a few moments before she provide the group with a small sack of silver, to pay for their drinks on her, and then departs to catch up to her tribe.

With this interruption at an end, the group goes back to discussing what to do next. They have a meeting scheduled with Cass for tomorrow evening, but until then they have nothing on the table.

After some talk the group decides to scope out the meeting between the Arcalander and the symbol woman. After slipping past a trio of guards on the look out, the group finds a spot to listen in on the end of the meeting between the woman and the arcalander. Their discussion confirms some of what Viktor had been told, namely that the conspiracy that had attempted to experiment upon him had been broken up after his escape became public, but the generals were still in power and the conspiracy was now mostly untethered from the Arcalander military.

The symbol woman and the arcalander come to an agreement that they will share their various research with each other for mutual benefit, after the woman reveals something upon her back that proves to the Arcalander that she knows what she’s talking about and stuns him into silence.

With the meeting breaking up, the group decides to attack the Arcalander. However to do so before he gets to a populated area, they attack him not far from his meeting place. This, unfortunetely means he’s able to call to the woman and her servants for support.

The fight is a tough one, and while the group was able to slay one of the bandits, they find themselves out matched. The Arcalander and the symbol woman reveal themselves to be skilled mages, and the woman seems to have access to healing magic as well.

Deciding they are out matched, Viktor takes up the symbol woman’s offer of retreat, but not before she tells them to deliever a message to Kogan for her. That Victoria is back, and that she knows of the pain in his side.

Finding defeat to be too bitter a pill to swallow, Viktor decides to abandon town entirely, with Sabetha agreeing that there is nothing left for her here. Auric and Adira Shadow both wish to speak with Kogan about the afternoon’s events, so the party agrees to meet up at Auric’s cabin in a day or two.

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 7
A meeting, an interrogation, and another meeting.

15 Winds, 167 HR, Afternoon

Having met up with Kogan and dropped off the Arcalander bandit, the group decides to tackle the question of ‘what to do next’ by splitting up and seeking out different avenues of questioning.

Auric (with his player being absent) went off to speak with some people he knew, hoping that they might have some leads on where to find the new thieves. Unfortunately, as a hermit, his list of contacts is fairly short, and most of them were more interested in keeping their heads down than trying to gather information.

Sabetha decides to seek out some of her contacts among the local Thieves Guild, in the hopes that they might provide some information on either the location of the new thieves, or more information on the Arcalander who would be willing to pay for Viktor. Adira Shadow decides to follow her to act as back up and protection

As Sabetha ventures into the Undercity she finds that she must delve deeper into the tunnels and ruins than she usually has. It seems that after the attack by the new thieves, the local Guild has closed ranks and pulled further into a protective mode. But she is able to meet up with an old contact of her’s, a woman going by the name of Cass. Cass tells Sabetha that things are bad, they lost a lot of people, and while the leadership is still intact, they’ve lost track of a lot of their grunts. When Sabetha asks if they know where the new comers are, Cass says that if anyone knows they haven’t told her.

But when conversation turns to the Arcalander, she knows of him, and says she might be able to make a trade for that information. Sabetha offers to set up a go between, so the guards and guild can work together. Cass says that she’ll send word to Sabetha when she speaks with the higher ups, and hopes they can work something out since they’ve been allies in the past.

Meanwhile, Viktor cannot muster the patience for Kogan to fulfill his end of the bargain and provide the party with information from the Arcalander bandit they captured last session. After some negotiation, and some trouble with interrogation, Viktor has a conversation with one of his former captors. The man he had mentioned selling Viktor to is not actually looking for Viktor, but is a former member of the conspiracy that was seeking to experiment upon healers.

He further reveals that after Viktor escapes, a number of soldiers involved in the conspiracy were thrown out of the army and the conspiracy was supposedly smashed. Of course, none of the generals who were involved in it were taken down, but men like this bandit and the Arcalander in Naramunz were used as scapegoats.

In exchange for exile from Naramunz, the Arcalander bandit tells Kogan and Viktor that if he were to go looking for where his allies he would start in the Unincorporated Ruins. His group didn’t know where the new base was, they were meant to learn after the attack. With this settled, Viktor goes to meet up with his companions, but not before giving Kogan a potion he claims will put the man to sleep, but in reality will kill him.

With that settled Viktor makes his way to the inn and meets up with Auric.

Adira and Sabetha then decide to head over to the Inner City and see if they can’t dig up more information on the murder of Councilman Hayes’ cousin and the theft of his ledger. They learn from his guardsman that rumor has one of the other council members being the primary suspect, but not much else. With this they decide to head to the Merchant Queen’s manor to speak with some of her servants, specifically those who might have served during the council meetings.

They encounter Kogan who is going to attend one such meeting, and he brushes them off.

Shadow is able to meet with some of the servants. From them she learns that Councilman Hayes and Councilwoman Nottley (a newcomer to the city) seem to have a pretty strong alliance. She further learns that one of Nottley’s servants was found sneaking around the Merchant Queen’s manor about three months ago.

From there, Adira Shadow notices a flamboyant dressed Arcalander who appears to be trying to demand to have a meeting with the Merchant Queen. Curious about him, Adira decides to follow him when he leaves to another meeting he claims to have. Sabetha quickly joins her in tailing the Arcalander to the Outer City. There he meets with a woman wearing blue clothing and plates of metal armor. She and the Arcalander exchange greetings, and she mentions that she thinks his organization and her organization can do good work together.

When the group all meets up together back at the inn, Shadow describes a symbol she saw on the armor of the woman. A reptilian claw, curled around a feather or a quill. Upon describing it, Auric reveals that he’s seen this symbol before.

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 6
Panic in the Viktor

13 Winds, 167 AR, Night

An Arcalander, an Elf, and a Kobold launch a surprise attack on the unsuspecting Viktor and Auric as the two of them were inspecting the opening of a small cavern.

The attackers, protected by small makeshift walls upon on a small raised hill, begin to rain down arrows on the two magic users as the Arcalander exclaims in excitement that he recognizes Viktor’s face. He happily exclaimed that he knew a guy in Naramunz who would happily pay a lot of gold for Viktor, so long as he was alive.

As Sabetha and Adira Shadow attack the bandits from the shadows, the Elf runs off into the cavern for reasons unknown.

Pretty quickly the battle turned against the bandits, as the Kobold took off into the cave rather than battle to the death, and the Arcalander was forced to use his emergency potion. But even with that extra bit of healing, the Arcalander finds himself on the loosing end of the fight and gives up before his life is forfeit. He agrees to tell the group what ever they want to know, so long as they don’t kill him.

Fearing that the elf or kobold was going to get reinforcements, the group decides to take their prisoner away from the cave and hide out for the evening while they regain their strength. But before they do, Auric places a small spell upon the cavern entrance that will allow him to detect when people cross the threshold.

In the middle of the night Auric detects 7 people cross the threshold, then 45 minutes later 7 people cross the threshold again.

14 Winds, 167 AR, Early Morning

Around 4am Auric detects 7 people cross the cavern threshold.

14 Winds, 167 AR, Late Morning

As the group is moving quickly towards Naramunz Shadow locates a set of tracks, made within the last 12 hours, between 5 and 10 people headed towards Naramunz.

15 Winds, 167 AR, Afternoon

As the group arrives at the gates of Naramunz they see that there is a large crowd of people trying to gain entrance but not being admitted. After speaking with the guards they learn that a number of prominent members of the local thieves guild were killed in the dark two nights ago. The word on the street is that this was done by the new group trying to muscle their way in.

With this information the group makes their way through the city towards Kogan’s office. On their way they are struck by how subdued the city is compared to its usual jovial feel.

After waiting for Kogan to return from a meeting with a member of the Merchant Council Kogan takes the group into his office and asks if they had managed to find the ledger. He is very, and obviously, disappointed to learn that they didn’t, but as agreed previously he paid them teach 10 silver for bringing in a thief alive. After some discussion, Viktor reveals his relationship with the Arcalander to Kogan, specifically that this man killed his best friend and was part of an organization that attempted to experiment upon him for his arcane healing powers. Kogan agrees to question the man about the person whom he was going to sell Viktor too, and promised to keep it between himself and only his most trusted guardsmen.

Sabetha secures forgiveness for her previous crimes, when she learns that the guards haven’t been able to reach out to the local thieves for help and information. In exchange she agrees to reach out to her contacts in the guild to see if she can’t get any more information for dealing with these new thieves.

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Thieves in a Godless World - Session 5
Spiders and the Dark

13 Winds, 167 AR, Afternoon

Spiders swarmed into the camp of the nomadic shifter tribe. The group worked together, despite Sabetha‘s reservations, to keep the spiders from overrunning the tribe. The battle was hard fought, but with Viktor’s quick thinking at the start of the battle, the spiders never made much headway in attacking the innocent nomads (much to the disappointment of the otherworldly entity that seems to have control over all living things except the party).

In the end, Adira Shadow‘s fear of her father’s people drove her away from accepting the gifts of a young shifter whom she had saved, and the group decided to continue to follow the tracks and directions of the caravan guards.

13 Winds, 167 AR, Night

Arriving at the small river valley that was described to them, Auric and Viktor decided to follow the tracks and a magical sense into the valley despite the late hour. They made no effort to hide themselves, lighting torches to allow them to see. When they found that the tracks lead them to a small cavern opening, they were surprised (though they really shouldn’t have been) to be shot with arrows from attackers they made no effort to hide from.


Thieves in a Godless World - Session 4
Faint Tracks

12 Winds, 167 AR, Evening

Following their battle the group heads over to meet with Captain Kogan, hoping to gain a few coins for the thief they killed. Kogan immediately knew the face of the thief so awarded them 5 silver each as he had promised. When he asked what leads they have gained towards obtaining the ledger, this earned Adira Shadow’s suspicion. Carefully deflecting the subject, Sabetha said they would let him know if they found anything concrete.

Deciding it was getting too late to continue their search, Sabetha and Adira spent their evening under the stars and the moon. Auric and Viktor decided to take advantage of the room Auric had already rented and spent the night in a more civilized style.

13 Winds, 167 AR, Morning

With a night’s rest the group decides to ask around to see if they can’t get a more concrete lead on the location of the stolen ledger. Speaking with a pair of guardsman they learn that the goblin and the lizard left the city for a couple hours a day ago before returning. After following the tracks the group was able to locate a place in the nearby, unincorporated ruins where someone had been staying recently. They further found thieves signs unlike the type used by the guild in Naramunz, which revealed a small stash of supplies.

Disappointed that there was no clear indication of where the thieves went from here, the decided to continue on towards the forest, following old tracks. These tracks (of two human sized people, a goblin/halfling sized person, and a lizard) paralleled the road but kept away from it, leading the group into the forest proper.

13 Winds, 167 AR, Afternoon

Shortly after entering the forest, the group heard sounds of another group and found a nomadic tribe of shifters breaking camp for the day. Adira was wary of the group and ignored Sabetha’s suggestion that she might more easily obtain information from them, instead electing to return to Auric and Viktor who had remained with the tracks.

Sabetha, hoping to gain some useful information spoke with a group of human merchants and guards who had met up with the shifters after being attacked by a group of bandits. The group described their attackers, making special note of a more flamboyant member, an Arcalander who favored Purple and Green colorings. While thanking the group for their information, a cry went out through the camp, alerting Sabetha and Viktor to the presence of spiders.

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 3
A Man, a Goblin, and a Draco Lizard

12 Winds, 167 AR, Late Afternoon

Arriving at the Rusty Spigot, the group quickly finds the young man whom they believe might be connect to the crime that occurred at the merchant’s manor.

Much to her luck, Sabetha has actually met the young man before. He is a small time thief, hoping to make his way into the Guild as an information dealer. Unfortunately for him he’s sold them some bad information recently, and they aren’t exactly willing to listen to him any longer.

In exchange for putting in a good word for him, Sabetha convinces the kitchen worker to tell them what he knows. He had recognized the men his master was meeting with, a human and a goblin, as out of town thieves, part of the group trying to edge into the city. He ran because he was afraid that they might have seen him the last time he followed them, to a small abandoned building in the south eastern corner of the Outercity. He takes the fact that he’s still alive as an indication that they hadn’t actually seen him.

With this information, plus the fact that they seem to spend time with a Draco Lizard, the group realizes that they have two different locations in the south eastern corner to check out. They decide to go with their lead from the manor house first.

12 Winds, 167 AR, Early Evening

Arriving they find a small, old campsite, something common in the Outercity for out of towners. But the place doesn’t seem to have been used in months. Thankfully, no one cleaned up either, and Adira is able to locate some clues to the location of the thieves’ more permanent home. Between pine needles and spider legs, Shadow infers they might have come from the small forest off to the west.

Seeing that someone has come to their other lead, the group quickly makes their way over to this building. Leaving Viktor a short distance back, Adira Shadow and Sabetha find the human, goblin, and draco lizard setting up for the evening.

The group decides to launch a surprise attack on the trio. As the fight goes on, the human is slain, and Adira breaks the floor out from beneath the goblin. While the group is busy dealing with the draco lizard, they hear the pained cry of the goblin’s life ending followed by the moans of the undead.

With a lucky hit, the draco lizard forces Viktor to fall into the Undercity where he must contend with the hungry dead. Adira is able to assist Viktor in his combat while Sabetha mutters about the foolishness of fighting unnecessary fights.

While the zombie is being dispatched, Sabetha learns that these thieves have already handed off the ledger and they must continue to track it down. Shadow finds more indications that point them towards the forest to the west.

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 2
A Job and a Ledger

12 Winds, 167 AR, Afternoon

Before she can go off to speak with the Captain of the Guard, Sabetha must deal with the pair of heads she has taken from the thieves who tried too hard to press their luck.

Moving quickly, Sabetha makes her way to the man she was nearly hired to kill. The halfling is very grateful for her choice not to kill her, and favors her with a magical short sword, as well as a bit of information about these thieves. They were members of a new group, trying to edge in on the Thieves Guild’s territory. He also promises to relay her information about the thieves she dispatched to the hire ups.

While waiting for Sabetha to arrive, Adira Shadow, Auric, and Viktor do a bit of catching up. Of course, being recluses, Adira and Auric do very little of the talking, leaving that to Viktor.

When their assassin companion arrives they move off to meet with Kogan, the Orcish Captain of the Guard. He expresses his need to hire outside help, as the Civil War of Naramunz has decimated the City Guards’ membership. A member of the Merchant Council has had his ledger stolen, and his cousin murdered. The Council Member is putting pressure on Kogan to recover the ledger, the only means by which a Councilman is able to prove his worth to be on the Council. Kogan instructs the group to locate the ledger and return it.

He promises 100 silver to each of them should they recover the ledger. He also promises 10 silver each for each living thief they bring to justice, and 5 each for every thief they kill (assuming he can verify the deceased is an actual thief).

After a few members notice something unusual about Kogan, the least of which is a serious chest wound of some sort, the group agrees to the job and acquires an advance of 20 silver each.

They quickly set off to the scene of the crime where they find that the merchant’s home was not broken into, whom ever killed him was let in voluntarily. They saw three half-empty wine cups, a single scene of violence, and just one broken piece of furniture. That broken furniture was a drawer with a false bottom, just big enough for a ledger.

Viktor goes off to inspect the body, finding that the man was killed without a struggle, but a quick and clean slash to his throat.

Shadow locates an appointment book, which contains indications of secret meetings, the first of which occurs in the southeast corner of the Outer City.

Auric determines that the assault was done by purely mundane means, with no magic at all.

Sabetha speaks with the servants, learning that the merchant had excused all his servants the day of his death, and that one young man, who works the kitchens was acting nervous and eager to get away when given the day off.

The group decides to follow the trail of the kitchen worker, to a tavern called The Rusty Spigot.

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 1
Welcome to Naranmunz

Shortest Night, 166 AR

The civil war in Naramunz has come to an end, and it’s citizens begin rebuilding. One such person, a young woman, makes her way into The Beast Eye Forest, escaping pursuers for crimes unknown. To her luck, or perhaps to her detriment, she comes across a small, simple log cabin. Hoping for the best, she ventures to the dwelling and encounters it’s own, a hermit keeping away from civilization. The two reach an agreement, in exchange for a gem, the young woman was never here.

Else where in the forest, a solider lies blooded and beaten, nearing death’s door. Close at hand, an unusual woman watches the soldier, hoping he will leave her forest before his abusers arrive and make life difficult for her. But the soldier is in no shape to escape to move, much less vacate the forest, and the unusual person must intervene. To her luck, she knows a hermit who tends a garden with medicinal plants.

The appearance of the unusual woman, and the soldier she is dragging behind her, startles the young woman, but the hermit goes to greet them. When it becomes clear that the unusual woman is not one who is seeking her out, the young woman emerges and together the three of them help tend the wounds of the soldier.

12 Winds, 167 AR, Early Afternoon

Auric makes his way through the streets of Naramunz, ignoring the constant festivities and the merchants hoping to entice him into buying their wares. His tattoo itches, and he is searching for something that the merchants cannot sell. He comes across an entrance into the Undercity, and quickly dives in, following the itch in his tattoo.

Adira Shadow lives up to her name, skipping across roof tops, following a young shifter. He’s a delivery boy, carrying goods from one warehouse or another, to merchants who had request them. He has numerous opportunities to pocket a coin or two, take a potion while no one is looking. But he does not. Shadow learns his mother is from the Forest, but he was raised here. An honest shifter, with loose ties to the Beast Eye Forest. He is exactly what she needs.

Sabetha walks through the streets of her home town, Viktor following at her heel. Her coin pouch is a little heavy from the weight of a finished job, her mind is heavy with the same. Viktor’s steps are lighter, he knows what he wants, revenge. His friend is an assassin, which shall come in handy when the opportunity for revenge presents itself. They are both pulled from their thoughts as two women, thieves the both of them, call them into a back alley to make a deal.

Auric makes his way to a room that has not been used in years, a room with a pool of arcane water. An entity of water appears to him, curious about his tattoo, curious about him. She bids that he continue his search for places of elemental power, and disappears, leaving behind only a few words:

Keep seeking us out
Deep within the slowest of us
The next often feels the kiss of the quickest of us
Once a place of Shadows, now only darkness remains
Brave our cold, changed cousin
And seek us out again

As he commits the words to memory, Auric’s contemplation is disturbed by the appearance of two outlaws. They are not happy with is presence here and hope to make sure he never leaves. They were not prepared for the gifts that Auric had been endowed with, and while one escapes, the other is not so lucky.

Shadow is about to approach her delivery boy when she notices a pair of bandits preparing to harm the shifter. Moving quickly Adira makes herself known to the bandits, who come to realize their mistake. When it is all said an done, Adira Shadow has what she came for, and perhaps a little more besides.

Viktor and Sabetha have a short conversation with the pair of thieves who are seeking to hire the assassin. Sabetha agrees to the job, though finds the payment to be somewhat lacking. Worse yet she spots one of the thieves’ men following Viktor and herself through the streets of Naramunz. However, they aren’t locals, and Sabetha is. She quickly leads them into a trap, and together she and Viktor dispatch two of them before the other makes her escape.

All four meet up, unaware that the others had been in the city. But as they are preparing to catch up with each other, a guardswoman approaches the group. Guards have seen them take on these thieves, and praised their abilities. It seems their prowess has earned them the attention of the Captain of the Guard, who wishes to speak with them about a potential job.

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