The Arcalander

Former Military, Arcalander Mage


The Arcalander, who’s name is unknown at this time, appears to be a former member of the Arcalander Military and the illegal experimentation conspiracy that once was within it. Assuming the party’s source is to be believed.

What he’s doing in Naramunz isn’t entirely known, but he does seem to be making some sort of deal with a representative of what he calls a cult. What his current connection is to the conspiracy that once captured Viktor Eckhart is unknown, though he seems to have been a part of it once at least.

He is a reasonably powerful spellcaster, though without the support of the cultist he likely would have died in his encounter with the party. He remains alive and active in Naramunz. What effect his encounter with the party has had on his plans is yet to be seen.


The Arcalander

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