A Godless World

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 7

A meeting, an interrogation, and another meeting.

15 Winds, 167 HR, Afternoon

Having met up with Kogan and dropped off the Arcalander bandit, the group decides to tackle the question of ‘what to do next’ by splitting up and seeking out different avenues of questioning.

Auric (with his player being absent) went off to speak with some people he knew, hoping that they might have some leads on where to find the new thieves. Unfortunately, as a hermit, his list of contacts is fairly short, and most of them were more interested in keeping their heads down than trying to gather information.

Sabetha decides to seek out some of her contacts among the local Thieves Guild, in the hopes that they might provide some information on either the location of the new thieves, or more information on the Arcalander who would be willing to pay for Viktor. Adira Shadow decides to follow her to act as back up and protection

As Sabetha ventures into the Undercity she finds that she must delve deeper into the tunnels and ruins than she usually has. It seems that after the attack by the new thieves, the local Guild has closed ranks and pulled further into a protective mode. But she is able to meet up with an old contact of her’s, a woman going by the name of Cass. Cass tells Sabetha that things are bad, they lost a lot of people, and while the leadership is still intact, they’ve lost track of a lot of their grunts. When Sabetha asks if they know where the new comers are, Cass says that if anyone knows they haven’t told her.

But when conversation turns to the Arcalander, she knows of him, and says she might be able to make a trade for that information. Sabetha offers to set up a go between, so the guards and guild can work together. Cass says that she’ll send word to Sabetha when she speaks with the higher ups, and hopes they can work something out since they’ve been allies in the past.

Meanwhile, Viktor cannot muster the patience for Kogan to fulfill his end of the bargain and provide the party with information from the Arcalander bandit they captured last session. After some negotiation, and some trouble with interrogation, Viktor has a conversation with one of his former captors. The man he had mentioned selling Viktor to is not actually looking for Viktor, but is a former member of the conspiracy that was seeking to experiment upon healers.

He further reveals that after Viktor escapes, a number of soldiers involved in the conspiracy were thrown out of the army and the conspiracy was supposedly smashed. Of course, none of the generals who were involved in it were taken down, but men like this bandit and the Arcalander in Naramunz were used as scapegoats.

In exchange for exile from Naramunz, the Arcalander bandit tells Kogan and Viktor that if he were to go looking for where his allies he would start in the Unincorporated Ruins. His group didn’t know where the new base was, they were meant to learn after the attack. With this settled, Viktor goes to meet up with his companions, but not before giving Kogan a potion he claims will put the man to sleep, but in reality will kill him.

With that settled Viktor makes his way to the inn and meets up with Auric.

Adira and Sabetha then decide to head over to the Inner City and see if they can’t dig up more information on the murder of Councilman Hayes’ cousin and the theft of his ledger. They learn from his guardsman that rumor has one of the other council members being the primary suspect, but not much else. With this they decide to head to the Merchant Queen’s manor to speak with some of her servants, specifically those who might have served during the council meetings.

They encounter Kogan who is going to attend one such meeting, and he brushes them off.

Shadow is able to meet with some of the servants. From them she learns that Councilman Hayes and Councilwoman Nottley (a newcomer to the city) seem to have a pretty strong alliance. She further learns that one of Nottley’s servants was found sneaking around the Merchant Queen’s manor about three months ago.

From there, Adira Shadow notices a flamboyant dressed Arcalander who appears to be trying to demand to have a meeting with the Merchant Queen. Curious about him, Adira decides to follow him when he leaves to another meeting he claims to have. Sabetha quickly joins her in tailing the Arcalander to the Outer City. There he meets with a woman wearing blue clothing and plates of metal armor. She and the Arcalander exchange greetings, and she mentions that she thinks his organization and her organization can do good work together.

When the group all meets up together back at the inn, Shadow describes a symbol she saw on the armor of the woman. A reptilian claw, curled around a feather or a quill. Upon describing it, Auric reveals that he’s seen this symbol before.



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