A Godless World

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 6

Panic in the Viktor

13 Winds, 167 AR, Night

An Arcalander, an Elf, and a Kobold launch a surprise attack on the unsuspecting Viktor and Auric as the two of them were inspecting the opening of a small cavern.

The attackers, protected by small makeshift walls upon on a small raised hill, begin to rain down arrows on the two magic users as the Arcalander exclaims in excitement that he recognizes Viktor’s face. He happily exclaimed that he knew a guy in Naramunz who would happily pay a lot of gold for Viktor, so long as he was alive.

As Sabetha and Adira Shadow attack the bandits from the shadows, the Elf runs off into the cavern for reasons unknown.

Pretty quickly the battle turned against the bandits, as the Kobold took off into the cave rather than battle to the death, and the Arcalander was forced to use his emergency potion. But even with that extra bit of healing, the Arcalander finds himself on the loosing end of the fight and gives up before his life is forfeit. He agrees to tell the group what ever they want to know, so long as they don’t kill him.

Fearing that the elf or kobold was going to get reinforcements, the group decides to take their prisoner away from the cave and hide out for the evening while they regain their strength. But before they do, Auric places a small spell upon the cavern entrance that will allow him to detect when people cross the threshold.

In the middle of the night Auric detects 7 people cross the threshold, then 45 minutes later 7 people cross the threshold again.

14 Winds, 167 AR, Early Morning

Around 4am Auric detects 7 people cross the cavern threshold.

14 Winds, 167 AR, Late Morning

As the group is moving quickly towards Naramunz Shadow locates a set of tracks, made within the last 12 hours, between 5 and 10 people headed towards Naramunz.

15 Winds, 167 AR, Afternoon

As the group arrives at the gates of Naramunz they see that there is a large crowd of people trying to gain entrance but not being admitted. After speaking with the guards they learn that a number of prominent members of the local thieves guild were killed in the dark two nights ago. The word on the street is that this was done by the new group trying to muscle their way in.

With this information the group makes their way through the city towards Kogan’s office. On their way they are struck by how subdued the city is compared to its usual jovial feel.

After waiting for Kogan to return from a meeting with a member of the Merchant Council Kogan takes the group into his office and asks if they had managed to find the ledger. He is very, and obviously, disappointed to learn that they didn’t, but as agreed previously he paid them teach 10 silver for bringing in a thief alive. After some discussion, Viktor reveals his relationship with the Arcalander to Kogan, specifically that this man killed his best friend and was part of an organization that attempted to experiment upon him for his arcane healing powers. Kogan agrees to question the man about the person whom he was going to sell Viktor too, and promised to keep it between himself and only his most trusted guardsmen.

Sabetha secures forgiveness for her previous crimes, when she learns that the guards haven’t been able to reach out to the local thieves for help and information. In exchange she agrees to reach out to her contacts in the guild to see if she can’t get any more information for dealing with these new thieves.

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