A Godless World

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 5

Spiders and the Dark

13 Winds, 167 AR, Afternoon

Spiders swarmed into the camp of the nomadic shifter tribe. The group worked together, despite Sabetha‘s reservations, to keep the spiders from overrunning the tribe. The battle was hard fought, but with Viktor’s quick thinking at the start of the battle, the spiders never made much headway in attacking the innocent nomads (much to the disappointment of the otherworldly entity that seems to have control over all living things except the party).

In the end, Adira Shadow‘s fear of her father’s people drove her away from accepting the gifts of a young shifter whom she had saved, and the group decided to continue to follow the tracks and directions of the caravan guards.

13 Winds, 167 AR, Night

Arriving at the small river valley that was described to them, Auric and Viktor decided to follow the tracks and a magical sense into the valley despite the late hour. They made no effort to hide themselves, lighting torches to allow them to see. When they found that the tracks lead them to a small cavern opening, they were surprised (though they really shouldn’t have been) to be shot with arrows from attackers they made no effort to hide from.




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