A Godless World

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 4

Faint Tracks

12 Winds, 167 AR, Evening

Following their battle the group heads over to meet with Captain Kogan, hoping to gain a few coins for the thief they killed. Kogan immediately knew the face of the thief so awarded them 5 silver each as he had promised. When he asked what leads they have gained towards obtaining the ledger, this earned Adira Shadow’s suspicion. Carefully deflecting the subject, Sabetha said they would let him know if they found anything concrete.

Deciding it was getting too late to continue their search, Sabetha and Adira spent their evening under the stars and the moon. Auric and Viktor decided to take advantage of the room Auric had already rented and spent the night in a more civilized style.

13 Winds, 167 AR, Morning

With a night’s rest the group decides to ask around to see if they can’t get a more concrete lead on the location of the stolen ledger. Speaking with a pair of guardsman they learn that the goblin and the lizard left the city for a couple hours a day ago before returning. After following the tracks the group was able to locate a place in the nearby, unincorporated ruins where someone had been staying recently. They further found thieves signs unlike the type used by the guild in Naramunz, which revealed a small stash of supplies.

Disappointed that there was no clear indication of where the thieves went from here, the decided to continue on towards the forest, following old tracks. These tracks (of two human sized people, a goblin/halfling sized person, and a lizard) paralleled the road but kept away from it, leading the group into the forest proper.

13 Winds, 167 AR, Afternoon

Shortly after entering the forest, the group heard sounds of another group and found a nomadic tribe of shifters breaking camp for the day. Adira was wary of the group and ignored Sabetha’s suggestion that she might more easily obtain information from them, instead electing to return to Auric and Viktor who had remained with the tracks.

Sabetha, hoping to gain some useful information spoke with a group of human merchants and guards who had met up with the shifters after being attacked by a group of bandits. The group described their attackers, making special note of a more flamboyant member, an Arcalander who favored Purple and Green colorings. While thanking the group for their information, a cry went out through the camp, alerting Sabetha and Viktor to the presence of spiders.



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