A Godless World

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 3

A Man, a Goblin, and a Draco Lizard

12 Winds, 167 AR, Late Afternoon

Arriving at the Rusty Spigot, the group quickly finds the young man whom they believe might be connect to the crime that occurred at the merchant’s manor.

Much to her luck, Sabetha has actually met the young man before. He is a small time thief, hoping to make his way into the Guild as an information dealer. Unfortunately for him he’s sold them some bad information recently, and they aren’t exactly willing to listen to him any longer.

In exchange for putting in a good word for him, Sabetha convinces the kitchen worker to tell them what he knows. He had recognized the men his master was meeting with, a human and a goblin, as out of town thieves, part of the group trying to edge into the city. He ran because he was afraid that they might have seen him the last time he followed them, to a small abandoned building in the south eastern corner of the Outercity. He takes the fact that he’s still alive as an indication that they hadn’t actually seen him.

With this information, plus the fact that they seem to spend time with a Draco Lizard, the group realizes that they have two different locations in the south eastern corner to check out. They decide to go with their lead from the manor house first.

12 Winds, 167 AR, Early Evening

Arriving they find a small, old campsite, something common in the Outercity for out of towners. But the place doesn’t seem to have been used in months. Thankfully, no one cleaned up either, and Adira is able to locate some clues to the location of the thieves’ more permanent home. Between pine needles and spider legs, Shadow infers they might have come from the small forest off to the west.

Seeing that someone has come to their other lead, the group quickly makes their way over to this building. Leaving Viktor a short distance back, Adira Shadow and Sabetha find the human, goblin, and draco lizard setting up for the evening.

The group decides to launch a surprise attack on the trio. As the fight goes on, the human is slain, and Adira breaks the floor out from beneath the goblin. While the group is busy dealing with the draco lizard, they hear the pained cry of the goblin’s life ending followed by the moans of the undead.

With a lucky hit, the draco lizard forces Viktor to fall into the Undercity where he must contend with the hungry dead. Adira is able to assist Viktor in his combat while Sabetha mutters about the foolishness of fighting unnecessary fights.

While the zombie is being dispatched, Sabetha learns that these thieves have already handed off the ledger and they must continue to track it down. Shadow finds more indications that point them towards the forest to the west.



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