A Godless World

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 2

A Job and a Ledger

12 Winds, 167 AR, Afternoon

Before she can go off to speak with the Captain of the Guard, Sabetha must deal with the pair of heads she has taken from the thieves who tried too hard to press their luck.

Moving quickly, Sabetha makes her way to the man she was nearly hired to kill. The halfling is very grateful for her choice not to kill her, and favors her with a magical short sword, as well as a bit of information about these thieves. They were members of a new group, trying to edge in on the Thieves Guild’s territory. He also promises to relay her information about the thieves she dispatched to the hire ups.

While waiting for Sabetha to arrive, Adira Shadow, Auric, and Viktor do a bit of catching up. Of course, being recluses, Adira and Auric do very little of the talking, leaving that to Viktor.

When their assassin companion arrives they move off to meet with Kogan, the Orcish Captain of the Guard. He expresses his need to hire outside help, as the Civil War of Naramunz has decimated the City Guards’ membership. A member of the Merchant Council has had his ledger stolen, and his cousin murdered. The Council Member is putting pressure on Kogan to recover the ledger, the only means by which a Councilman is able to prove his worth to be on the Council. Kogan instructs the group to locate the ledger and return it.

He promises 100 silver to each of them should they recover the ledger. He also promises 10 silver each for each living thief they bring to justice, and 5 each for every thief they kill (assuming he can verify the deceased is an actual thief).

After a few members notice something unusual about Kogan, the least of which is a serious chest wound of some sort, the group agrees to the job and acquires an advance of 20 silver each.

They quickly set off to the scene of the crime where they find that the merchant’s home was not broken into, whom ever killed him was let in voluntarily. They saw three half-empty wine cups, a single scene of violence, and just one broken piece of furniture. That broken furniture was a drawer with a false bottom, just big enough for a ledger.

Viktor goes off to inspect the body, finding that the man was killed without a struggle, but a quick and clean slash to his throat.

Shadow locates an appointment book, which contains indications of secret meetings, the first of which occurs in the southeast corner of the Outer City.

Auric determines that the assault was done by purely mundane means, with no magic at all.

Sabetha speaks with the servants, learning that the merchant had excused all his servants the day of his death, and that one young man, who works the kitchens was acting nervous and eager to get away when given the day off.

The group decides to follow the trail of the kitchen worker, to a tavern called The Rusty Spigot.



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