A Godless World

Thieves in a Godless World - Session 1

Welcome to Naranmunz

Shortest Night, 166 AR

The civil war in Naramunz has come to an end, and it’s citizens begin rebuilding. One such person, a young woman, makes her way into The Beast Eye Forest, escaping pursuers for crimes unknown. To her luck, or perhaps to her detriment, she comes across a small, simple log cabin. Hoping for the best, she ventures to the dwelling and encounters it’s own, a hermit keeping away from civilization. The two reach an agreement, in exchange for a gem, the young woman was never here.

Else where in the forest, a solider lies blooded and beaten, nearing death’s door. Close at hand, an unusual woman watches the soldier, hoping he will leave her forest before his abusers arrive and make life difficult for her. But the soldier is in no shape to escape to move, much less vacate the forest, and the unusual person must intervene. To her luck, she knows a hermit who tends a garden with medicinal plants.

The appearance of the unusual woman, and the soldier she is dragging behind her, startles the young woman, but the hermit goes to greet them. When it becomes clear that the unusual woman is not one who is seeking her out, the young woman emerges and together the three of them help tend the wounds of the soldier.

12 Winds, 167 AR, Early Afternoon

Auric makes his way through the streets of Naramunz, ignoring the constant festivities and the merchants hoping to entice him into buying their wares. His tattoo itches, and he is searching for something that the merchants cannot sell. He comes across an entrance into the Undercity, and quickly dives in, following the itch in his tattoo.

Adira Shadow lives up to her name, skipping across roof tops, following a young shifter. He’s a delivery boy, carrying goods from one warehouse or another, to merchants who had request them. He has numerous opportunities to pocket a coin or two, take a potion while no one is looking. But he does not. Shadow learns his mother is from the Forest, but he was raised here. An honest shifter, with loose ties to the Beast Eye Forest. He is exactly what she needs.

Sabetha walks through the streets of her home town, Viktor following at her heel. Her coin pouch is a little heavy from the weight of a finished job, her mind is heavy with the same. Viktor’s steps are lighter, he knows what he wants, revenge. His friend is an assassin, which shall come in handy when the opportunity for revenge presents itself. They are both pulled from their thoughts as two women, thieves the both of them, call them into a back alley to make a deal.

Auric makes his way to a room that has not been used in years, a room with a pool of arcane water. An entity of water appears to him, curious about his tattoo, curious about him. She bids that he continue his search for places of elemental power, and disappears, leaving behind only a few words:

Keep seeking us out
Deep within the slowest of us
The next often feels the kiss of the quickest of us
Once a place of Shadows, now only darkness remains
Brave our cold, changed cousin
And seek us out again

As he commits the words to memory, Auric’s contemplation is disturbed by the appearance of two outlaws. They are not happy with is presence here and hope to make sure he never leaves. They were not prepared for the gifts that Auric had been endowed with, and while one escapes, the other is not so lucky.

Shadow is about to approach her delivery boy when she notices a pair of bandits preparing to harm the shifter. Moving quickly Adira makes herself known to the bandits, who come to realize their mistake. When it is all said an done, Adira Shadow has what she came for, and perhaps a little more besides.

Viktor and Sabetha have a short conversation with the pair of thieves who are seeking to hire the assassin. Sabetha agrees to the job, though finds the payment to be somewhat lacking. Worse yet she spots one of the thieves’ men following Viktor and herself through the streets of Naramunz. However, they aren’t locals, and Sabetha is. She quickly leads them into a trap, and together she and Viktor dispatch two of them before the other makes her escape.

All four meet up, unaware that the others had been in the city. But as they are preparing to catch up with each other, a guardswoman approaches the group. Guards have seen them take on these thieves, and praised their abilities. It seems their prowess has earned them the attention of the Captain of the Guard, who wishes to speak with them about a potential job.



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